Jaida Capital

The Al-Jaidah Family

The Al-Jaidah family businesses are based on a great heritage built on strong principles. Originally trading food products across the Middle East, the Jaidah family has been an integral part of Qatar since the 1800’s. The foundation and guiding principles of our business in those formative years were integrity and honesty, as part of a strong value system. These time-honoured principles of the Jaidah family’s heritage are still in practice to this day.

With a significant business portfolio, the Jaidah family has anchored its name in Qatari households and businesses alike. Although widely known as an automotive leader in Qatar, the family is very successful in other sectors such as industrial equipment, oil and gas related businesses, heavy equipment, technology and many more. Two of the most prominent successful Jaidah family businesses in Qatar are Jaidah Group and Jaidah Brothers.

Jaida Capital

With its headquarters in Qatar, Jaida Capital is a family business that focuses on investment opportunities in Qatar, GCC, the broader Middle East and North Africa regions. Our company invests in developing green field projects and start-up companies in cooperation with experienced partners. We partner with outstanding entrepreneurs and convert their creative ideas into great companies with sustainable profits. Our core areas of focus are real estate, equity, derivatives, commodities and venture capital.

At Jaida Capital, we work hard to be the venture capital firm of choice for top innovators and entrepreneurs building high-growth companies.


Jaida Capital was established by Mr. Yousuf Aljaida. Mr. Al-Jaida is a Qatari national who holds strong financial experience across a variety of executive roles. Most recently, Mr Al-Jaida was Head of Indirect Investment at the Qatar General Retirement and Pension Authority. Mr. Al-Jaida’s responsibilities in this role included overseeing the management of hedge fund, private equity, real estate, fixed income and equity portfolio investments.

Prior to this, Mr. Al-Jaida's experience included engineering project work for Qatar Petroleum and Dolphin Energy, as well as managing various real-estate projects in Qatar.

Mr. Al-Jaida previously sat on the Boards of Nakilat Q.S.C and the USD 1 Billion Strategic Investment Fund of Unicorn Investment Bank, as well as being the Vice Chairman of Mayadeen Real Estate Company K.S.C.C. Before commencing his professional career, Mr Al-Jaida graduated from the University of Arizona, USA.

At Jaida Capital, we believe it is important for companies to have partners with extensive business experience. Mr. Al-Jaida is involved in each and every project at Jaida Capital, and he brings his broad experience in venture capital and business management to every project. This first-hand experience allows our firm to give companies both strategic and operational guidance and access to a powerful business network.

Jaida Capital Vision and Mission

Our vision is to garner a distinguished record as a leader in providing growth companies in Qatar and surrounding regions with capital investment and expert business guidance. We anticipate our company to play a significant role in driving a vibrant, entrepreneurial, and technology-based economy in Qatar.

Our mission is to identify exceptional entrepreneurs with creative ideas and support them in building great companies — from concept to commerce. Our goal is to help grow start-up companies from their earliest stages to successful commercial businesses.
We are committed to working as a team with our co-investors and portfolio companies, leveraging our hands-on operational experience; access to an extensive network of resources, and our unbridled enthusiasm to make every business succeed in the market.