Jaida Capital

Jaida Capital’s investment philosophy is centred on the essential goals of achieving long-term higher returns and building shareholder value for entrepreneurs. As a co-investor and business partner, our company shares the same goal for high returns on invested capital.

There has been significant growth in the Qatari and GCC economies in recent years, with major growth across all industries. At Jaida Capital, we believe that significant strides made in the economy during the past few years are just the beginning – more growth is yet to come, and our company will be at the forefront of providing venture capital to new and expanding businesses in the coming decades.

As venture capital a firm, we are keen to invest in companies with a proven business model, whose services and products offerings have the potential to make an impact in the market. We also invest in real estate projects that create value which make a positive impact on Qatari economic and social development.

When appraising a prospective company for investing funds into, Jaida Capital looks for:

  • A company that demonstrates a favourable return on investment matched to the applicable level of risk.
  • A company with an attractive shareholding or deal structure which is satisfactory to all parties and provides favourable return on investment commensurate with risk.
  • A company that demonstrates a large market opportunity with high growth potential, which will allow the company to grow rapidly.
  • A company with managerial and entrepreneurial ability – as well as the discipline, skill, and drive necessary to build a company that is the leader in the market – and is committed to working as a team with Jaida Capital. It is essential for the portfolio company management to share the ultimate goal of high return on investment by having a considerable equity commitment within the company.
  • A company whose investment deal’s structure can achieve liquidity within a set time frame for Jaida Capital’s exit. The liquidity can be achieved through a cash flow, refinancing, a merger or acquisition, or a public offering scenario.

At Jaida Capital, we have a solid track record of successfully financing and nurturing many businesses of all sizes and generating competitive returns for our venture capital portfolio companies. Drawing on our extensive expertise and experience; our resources, and our passion for successful businesses, we work hard to generate high returns for invested capital.