Jaida Capital

Jaida Capital is not a typical venture capital firm – to the entrepreneurs who work with us, we are business partners and fellow executives who provide valuable input that helps to build market-leading companies.

Our firm partners with promising businesses and entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of development, increasing potential for achieving the best rates of return. Whether you need venture capital for a lucrative business idea or an existing business; or need assistance in launching your business in a new market, Jaida Capital works hard to improve your prospects and profits by providing you with the capital you need – as well as our knowledge and experience.

In its operations, Jaida Capital is involved in a wide range of activities:

  • Invests in venture capital opportunities
  • Seeds viable business opportunities
  • Helps raise capital for businesses
  • Helps entrepreneurs with the entire infrastructure required to launch their businesses
  • Invests alongside the management and determine a suitable shareholding structure where all parties are satisfied
  • Assists in marketing the business and penetrating the Qatari market through our network of relationships

Using a thorough analytical framework and a proven working process, Jaida Capital helps you achieve your business goals. Prior to investing in your business, we systematically follow the following steps:

  • Assess if there is a good fit between Jaida Capital and your business as a potential portfolio company to ensure that we invest where we have the deep experience to add great value. We assess the business idea, the market, and the team. We believe in working smarter as one team comprising of Jaida Capital, your management team, and other parties involved in making your business a success.
  • Carry out a comprehensive due diligence process to evaluate your company’s business model, so that we gain an in depth understanding of your business. This includes reviewing your financial, marketing and legal documents, and holding discussions with your management team, company customers and other investors.
  • Carry out a detailed review of your financial needs. As an investor, we know that providing you with the capital you need comes from understanding your business goals and needs. This will enable us to develop the best capital solution that will achieve your goals and a financial and shareholding structure that will yield the best earnings for you and the investors.
  • Provide you with a customized financing solution for your business, as well as expert business, marketing and strategic advice.

As a small, family-owned venture capital firm, we are able to provide you with a personalized and prompt service, and we can adapt easily to the competitive landscape that you face. This means we make quick decisions which enable you to run your business smoothly and stay ahead of your competition. We have a large capital base, which means we can provide entrepreneurs and businesses with ample capital to meet their needs.

When you work with Jaida Capital, you get the capital you need and also a business partner who will remain fully committed to your success – through every growth phase. We understand that our success is dependent on your success, and our main goal is to create wealth for our portfolio companies and entrepreneurs – and maximize returns.