Jaida Capital

At Jaida Capital, we understand that the process of starting a new business is particularly front-loaded – many aspects of the business need to be put in place before or during the launching phase of the business in order to set the right foundations for the company. This relates to legal, financial, marketing, strategy, and operational aspects of the business.

We sponsor our clients, legally representing them in accordance with Qatar laws. We help our clients to obtain the necessary documents such as visas and security passes. We also inform our clients about the local laws and regulations and help them adhere to these laws. We make it easier for new businesses to start their operations in Qatar by handling all the necessary legal and operational issues.

Entrepreneurs who work with us get all the resources and infrastructure they need to launch their business. This helps them to succeed easily, without the stress that is normally associated with launching a new company.

Access to a market is essential for very new business. Jaida Capital works closely with its clients to promote their products and services in the Qatari market. Through our networks of business relationships, we give our clients and portfolio companies all the necessary support they need to penetrate the market.