Jaida Capital

Jaida Capital invests in developing greenfield projects and start-up companies in cooperation with experienced partners in the Middle East and North Africa. Our focus is on real estate, equity, derivatives, commodities and venture capital.

The financial and real estate markets in Qatar and the Middle East region are poised to continue expanding, along with projected positive economic growth. Jaida Capital is well-positioned capitalize on increasing investment opportunities in the region – investing in both new and expanding companies.

We make all our strategic investments guided by the following principles:

  • We partner with entrepreneurs with vision. We believe that lucrative financial returns are available to entrepreneurs who possess the necessary vision to develop their ideas into viable businesses through partnering with reputable venture capital firms such as Jaida Capital. Our firm continually seeks the right kind of visionary entrepreneurs and management teams to partner with. At Jaida Capital, we fully understand that people are the most important asset in a business venture. Hence, we seek out talented and innovative entrepreneurs who have the commitment, drive, ingenuity and integrity to take their business ideas to reality.
  • We provide more than just venture capital. Our commitment to the entrepreneurs we back is to add value beyond the capital we contribute. We provide not only venture capital, but also valuable industry and strategic expertise. Leveraging on our experience and networks, we provide value to our portfolio companies and help them succeed. We lay the necessary foundations in a company’s early stages by providing the necessary support in a number of areas including: financial, strategy, markets, branding, business launching, operations, alliance building, technology, and legal. Rather than simply acting as a passive provider of capital, Jaida Capital provides important insight for entrepreneurs and management teams.
  • We are team oriented. Jaida Capital works with entrepreneurs and businesses as a joint team with a single goal – success. We fully believe that a strong and seasoned joint team can take a business idea, execute the right strategy, and turn it into a vibrant company.

Jaida Capital partners with promising entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of company growth, and this enables us to make maximum impact on the company’s growth.

We view our portfolio companies and clients as long-term partners – and we remain committed to providing them with capital, support and advice through every stage of development.